Select your top 3 favourite 2023 Bug of the Year nominees!

When you vote, you can choose up to three of your favourite bugs – each vote is weighted equally. It’s no problem if you want to vote for fewer than three bugs. Once you’ve made your selections, don’t forget to scroll to the bottom and click the “submit” button.

You can only vote one time (but you can vote for up to 3 nominees in that one vote). Once you submit your votes, you won’t be allowed to make any changes.

After you click “vote” you will be asked to submit your email address. This is to ensure only one vote per person. After voting closes on 13 Feb, all emails we collect will be deleted.

Take some time to research the nominees!

More information on each of the nominees is available by clicking on the image on the homepage. Take your time before you make your decision – you only get to vote once. There are some neat insects that deserve a closer inspection!

How the winner is decided

The bug with the most votes will be declared 2023 NZ Bug of the Year on 14 February 2023!